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With so many incentives and options out today, making sure you get the best value is our #1 priority. Speak with one of our designers today to see what incentives you qualify for.

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Don't lose sleep over the details, let us break down the options in a way that makes the decision process a breeze.

We Make it Easy

Sit back and relax. Let us handle your project. Whether it’s project planning, installation, or anything in between, we handle everything from start to finish!

25-Year Warranty

Protect your investment and and gain peace of mind with our industry-leading, 30 year, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

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Join the Thousands Saving Thousands Every Year with Solar Powered Energy.

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You're already paying for electricity every month anyways — Stop paying the utility, and start paying yourself when you switch to solar. See if you qualify for the federal incentives & the zero out of pocket program today! There are no costs, fees, or obligations.

Everyone Is Different.

Your solution will differ from your neighbors. That's why our clients get a free custom assessment to ensure we're meeting your solar energy goals and expectations.

Grid-Tied Battery Backup

$87,497 - 25 year savings

John and Betty struggled with outages in their remote getaway. They wanted to take control of their energy with a grid-tied system with energy storage option.

Grid-Tied /w Micro Inverters

$143,397 - 25 year savings

David was tired of the constant utility rate hikes. He was able to cut his electric bill down to $10 a month, with zero out of pocket and lower his energy expenses overall.

Grid-Tied w/ EV Charger

$185,906 - 25 year savings

Bill and his family not only took control of their rising energy costs, they also took control of their travel expenses by getting an EV (electric vehicle) and charging station with their solar installation.

Your Custom Solar Installation Awaits.

We Are Here To Help You Get Your Solar Project Underway.

Not everyone needs the same system size, energy storage or accessories. Let our team of professionals discover what you truly want. Don't waste days researching and guessing what you need — or even worse, spend more money than you have to.

At Solityx Energy, we help find the right solution just for you and your family.



We take the guess-work out of your design. We work with you virtually, using our satellite/lidar technology to see how efficient your roof is for solar. We’ll show you how many panels you’ll need and where they will go on your roof.


Project Management

Solar isn't something we can just put on anyone's roof. It is handled like a construction job and has to comply with code. Fortunately, we handle all the red tape and project management for you. This includes construction review, permitting, utility interconnection application, and more. When you work with us, you don't have to lift a finger, and there is no additional upfront cost.


Solar Savings Report

Once we understand your goals and have a design together, we'll review your solar savings report. Here is where you can see your short-term and long-term savings. No in-home, pushy salesperson worried about his commission. Everything is virtual, so you're in control.


Install and Support

Once we get permit approval from your local jurisdiction, we can pick a day to install. After installation, you will have ongoing lifetime support. You will also get our industry-leading 30-year warranty that covers all solar equipment, and electrical work.

Transparency you deserve.

Our designers are here to help you, not upsell you.


Accurate Yearly kWh Assessment.

Shade Analysis

Our cutting edge software gets it right the first time.


From backup power to EV charging stations, we got you covered.

No one likes to be pressured into making a decision or even worse upsold on something they don't need. Let our experienced designers help you understand your options. You stay in control of the entire process from the comfort of your couch.

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